Rainwater Harvesting Australia Issues Papers

Rainwater Harvesting Australia are developing a national Rainwater Harvesting Policy and invite your input.

Our Issues Paper is the first step in this process where we are aiming to discuss what the policy should address.

We welcome your comments on managing water and stormwater at both the building and city scales.

Review the Rainwater Harvesting Australia Issues Papers below.

To comment on these Issues Papers, please reach out by 28th June to Michael Smit at michaels42@gmail.com or 0418 372 489.

Issues Paper Policy Performance Outcomes
Appendices for Model Water Efficiency and Stormwater Performance Objectives
Issues Paper 2.0 for consultation
Decentralised policies like rainwater harvesting and water efficiency consider water and energy use in our buildings and have important benefits for the cost of living, risk management, and resilience.