Rainwater Harvesting Highlighted at the International Irrigation Conference and Exhibition

The IAL Conference & Exhibition and ICID 24th Congress was held in Adelaide from 3rd to 10th October 2022 and brought together irrigation and water professionals from across Australia and the world.

As a testament to the significant role that rainwater harvesting plays in the water sector, Rainwater Harvesting had a dedicated zone at the exhibition featuring key suppliers and the Australian Rainwater Harvesting industry group.

“Rainwater harvesting is a significant source of water in Australia with over 6.3 million people using rainwater in their homes. For 3 million, it is their main source of drinking water. It was great to be able to showcase rainwater harvesting and the important role that it plays in our urban and rural water systems” stated Mike Thompson, Rainwater Harvesting Association Chair.

“It was good to see everyone again after a long time and also meet many new people – from landscapers and farmer to civil engineers. We were able to showcase different ways to do rainwater harvesting and smart ways to use water” Anita from Hydrorock

New technologies and innovation were a highlight of the exhibition and drew international interest.

“It was great to see the interest in our new products from the international delegates and how keen they were to understand how they could incorporate them into the rainwater harvesting systems they design and install” Bianca from Rain Harvesting.

The ICID Rainwater Harvesting Working Group held a 2-hour workshop on rainwater harvesting that discussed the principles of rainwater harvesting, the Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification and the latest product technology and innovations.

“Our vision is for a community driven sustainable urban footprint, achieved by every building having access to rainwater harvesting, renewable energy and a nature space. ICID gives us the opportunity to share the learnings of the Australian experience. Rainwater harvesting combined with mains water services provides water more efficiently than either system alone. It has significant stormwater benefits, creates a more resilient water system and delivers benefits to both the household and community.” Michael Smit, Kingspan Water and Energy

Rainwater Harvesting Australia would like to acknowledge all our members who participated in the conference. To learn more about the Rainwater Harvesting Association and our members, visit https://rainwaterharvesting.org.au/

Presentations from the ICID Adelaide Conference will be made available by end of January 2023.

Click here to view the Rain Harvesting Design Specification https://rainwaterharvesting.org.au/rainwater-harvesting/calculators/